My name is Haozheng Li, and I am an IoT-focused full-stack engineer and electrical engineer based in Cleveland.

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Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering

Foshan University


Software Engineer

Guangzhou Duoyi Network, Inc


Master Degree in Electrical Engineering

Case Western Reserve University


Founder and IoT fullstack Engineer

GalaxyIoT, LLC

Hello, I'm Haozheng Li, a passionate Electrical Engineering graduate from Case Western Reserve University. My academic journey has been focused on merging communication and embedded systems, the cornerstones of IoT. My goal is to become a full-stack IoT system developer. My strong foundation in both hardware and software realms, complemented by a solid grasp of programming languages like C/C++ and Python, positions me uniquely for this role.

My professional journey began at Guangzhou Duoyi Network, where I honed my software engineering skills. Working on game development, I deepened my expertise in C++, Python, and systems optimization. This experience was instrumental in shaping my approach to software development, a critical skill for IoT system integration and development.

Currently, I'm channeling my expertise into an entrepreneurial venture at GalaxyIoT. Here, I am not just developing IoT platforms but also gaining hands-on experience in the practical application of IoT in business solutions. This role is a significant step towards my ambition of becoming an IoT development expert, as it allows me to apply my comprehensive skill set in a dynamic, real-world environment.

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